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One in four kids ‘have requested a quick-food supply for their college’

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Their research found that nearly half of kids whilst fast food takeaways were the firms at fault for childhood obesity.
The survey of 500 children and young people found 25 per cent had purchased a takeaway in many instances purchasing it to be delivered for their school.

The report, which comes ahead of the long-delayed Authorities childhood obesity strategy, sought out the perspectives of young folks on the best means to handle the issues. Ideas contained loyalty cards which gave points for making healthful food options to shoppers, and supporting supermarkets to give away vegetables and fruit that was overly wonky to sell.

Other thoughts include movie-fashion categorizations such as PG, 15 and 12 on foods that have a lot of salt, fat or sugar. And kids said free Wi-fi should be offered like parks in healthy surroundings, to discourage folks from going to coffee shops or fast food restaurants in search of free Wi-fi.

Almost one in five 10-11 year old are overweight, latest figures reveal. The Government is expected to announce a brand new strategy that will try to crack down on promotion and promotion of unhealthy food, and to reduce cost promotions. Shirley Cramer, RSPH, chief executive, said.

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