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Ham makes the cut


Believe cubed ham combined with mac and cheese, or a ham and cheese sandwich or a quiche or a breakfast egg dish.

There is more: Use ham to eggs each day as a side, add it perhaps, to an omelet, and best of all, contain the bone and bits of meat.

Ham may also function as the centerpiece of many Easter parties this Sunday. Nevertheless, a ham is not only a ham. Like many other meats we’ve selections. The flavor that is finest, specialists say, is with a bone-in, just as another meat gets added flavor from bones — chicken, for instance.

But a bone-in ham can be catchy to carve. Semi-boneless hams are more easy, and delicious at the same time. Boneless is the simplest since these are generally hunks of meat in the boning procedure which were pressed and formed into a cylindrical shape to cope with, clearly, but pick it carefully.

Simplest of all are coil cuts, where carving isn’t a problem.

Essentially ham is the uncooked bottom leg of a hog that is preserved by smoking, dry- wet or curing -curing. In our region we can get two kinds — a country ham or a city ham.

City hams are the ones we usually get, the bins filling . These happen to be injected with sugar and other flavorings, typically water, salt, phosphates, nitrates and occasionally a brine.

These have been dry-cured with nitrates and salt and aged for months, even years. Some, like Smithfield or a Virginia, happen to be aged for at least six months. The meat of these is extremely salty reddish, and drier. Served sliced really thin, it’s generally served on biscuits.

Do not have your ham? No issue. You’ve options that are great. The butchers will slit and tie them up for you, although these aren’t slit. Before serving, simply take away the cord.

It is described by owner Pat Schulte with natural juices, as twice smoked. “Customers happen to be purchasing these for years,” he said. “It is a great ham.”

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