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Fake Food Scandals – A Poor Year For Food Lovers


For years, lesser quality national replicas of Italy renowned cheese happen to be deceiving consumers who believe they’re one in the exact same. But variants that are national use lower quality milk, aging and lesser quality creation, and frequently comprise additives – the real thing just has completely pure and salt, rennet, steroid, antibiotic and hormone free milk from cows. That’s hardly the case here. The Bloomberg story, which resonated extensively in the media and was followed up by an in depth investigation by Inside Edition, uncovered a fresh method to deceive consumers purchasing national Parmesan: cut or expand the already low-priced merchandise with something even more affordable, cellulose, occasionally totaling more than 20% of the merchandise.

American consumers had before another shoe dropped to digest the consequences of cheese fraud: a comprehensive section ran on olive oil fraud. For this can be scarcely a fresh issue – Americans happen to be becoming regularly ripped off by fraudulent or adulterated olive oil for over half a century. But it was news when 60 Minutes estimated a whopping 80-85% of all oil tagged extra virgin in this state – the maximum level potential – isn’t really extra virgin. The truly bad news is that some specialists believe these numbers are conservative.

Did a lobster discovered that eatery products allegedly made from lobster, like lobster bisque, lobster ravioli and lobster salad typically neglect to contain any real lobster – including the country’s biggest seafood chain and expose. Inspired by this narrative went after Kobe beef, a subject I’ve written about at length in these pages over time, and which I called “Food’s Largest Scam.” To no one’s surprise they discovered that restaurants promising to serve high priced an imitation is typically delivered by Kobe beef .

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