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Am I Sheltering My Child Too Much?

home-schoolMany homeschool parents struggle with trying to balance their financial constraints with their desire to have plenty of fun, educational activities for their children. Here is my Free Three list for the week to help you as you plan your year.

If you haven’t done so already, turn in your home school malaysia affidavit for the new school year as soon as possible to your local school district’s specified school. Make sure you take a checklist-style receipt with you that contains all of the items you are submitting. Please have the school district representative check off each item, sign and date the receipt. Have the representative give you a copy and you can begin your new school year! For future reference, you can submit your completed affidavit for the next school year when you turn in your portfolio by June 30. With your signed and dated receipt in hand, you can begin logging for the new school year no earlier than July 1.

For both challenges, my best solution is to remember that God knows my situation and will give me what I need to do what He wants me to do. He’s not asking me to work miracles, just to be faithful – just to do my best every day to follow Him and be who He wants me to be. The rest will come.

Third, she can expect less independent study. While formal education does encourage independent study, your daughter will be attending classes that contain an established syllabus and curricula that will need to be adhered to for education standards to be met. This course requirement can be aggravating to home school learning that did not follow traditional course curricula. Remind your daughter to perceive this as a positive aspect of preparing for college courses.

There are many reasons why you may consider home school training your children. Some parents do so simply because they love having their kids close to them, they like the idea of their children getting one on one attention that they may not get elsewhere, they like having the peace of mind that their kids are not only at home and safe, but they are also getting a great education and there are many parents do not agree or approve some of the things that are taught in within the public school system. All of these things are just a few of reasons why one might choose to home school training their children. But there are a few things that you should think about before making the decision.

Writing, or any of the other subjects we teach, is not really what we teach. As John Taylor Gatto so aptly explains, the primary quality we teach is how to sustain sheer, inane, pointless boredom over years of life.

Any combination of these indicators may mean your school is failing. Learning is a process of ever increasing sophistication in understanding that results from allowing a child’s creativity and curiosity to engage. Every child is born with a natural inclination to learn. They absorb information naturally like sponges. By the time many children have gone through a few years of traditional schooling the desire to learn is just destroyed. Take control of your child’s education. If you find these indicators or even a few of these indicators present in your child’s school you should seriously consider home schooling.

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